An Original Guide by Dr. Oneal

Accidentally hurt a loved one?

No one is immune to reacting from a place of unawareness, hostility, shock, fatigue, jealousy, or otherwise mental and emotional unavailability.

Everyone makes mistakes— learn how to mess up and still hug it out after.

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    Thank you Dr. Oneal!

    "You have given us a framework that has changed everything. We are having some intense experiences... without this framework, it would be a disaster."

    Doctor & Husband 18 yrs—

    Open Relationship

    Salt Lake City, UT

    What you get:

    Dr. Cari Oneal's proven method for improving a situation where you caused harm or experienced it from someone else.

    What is it all about?

    If you’re a human being who’s ever been tired, overwhelmed, stressed, watching the game, preoccupied on another topic, or in some other way not being fully present in your "saner-brain" while interacting with another human being— then you’ve likely been a part of a Sloppy Scenario.

    Don’t you WISH you could have had a “Re-Do?” Don’t you WISH you had the presence of mind, lack of ego and the skills to have done it better and from your saner brain? Me too.

    Now you have permission to ask “Can We Have A Re-Do?” Here are some skills to help you. 😊