An Original Guide by Dr. Oneal

Not sure how to have that talk?

We've all been in this situation with a loved one — afraid to have that difficult but necessary conversation because the stakes seem so high.

This guide walks you through Dr. Oneal's proven method for having productive, healthy (albeit difficult), conversations.

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    "We have learned new tools to help us renegotiate our love life as it changes with time, age, & experience.”

    Doctor & Husband 16 yrs

    Salt Lake City, UT

    What you get:

    Dr. Cari Oneal's proven method for planning and facilitating hard, emotionally difficult conversations.

    What is it all about?

    Owning What Matters includes mastering the Hard "AF" Conversations.

    These conversations are difficult because we care about what we have to say AND we care about the person we are talking to— and so we worry. Is my timing right? What if I say the wrong thing? Am I over reacting? What if...

    This important Relationship tool is one of my most effective resources for individuals and couples in my Sex Coaching practice. The Hard AF Conversations method helps couples lean in and learn how to be the Speaker as well as the Listener. Learning BOTH roles helps everyone get their message heard and their needs met.